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Informationen zum Feiertagen

Wegen den Feiertagen am 18, 22. und 25. April 2022 und am 2. und 3. Mai 2022 bleibt die Konsularabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Serbien für den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen.


Wir möchten die Bürger darüber informieren, dass ab dem 01. Mai 2021 die Zahlung für alle konsularischen Dienste in der Botschaft ausschließlich mit Karten erfolgt.


Informationen zum Feiertagen

Wegen den Feiertagen am 18, 22. und 25. April 2022 und am 2. und 3. Mai 2022 bleibt die Konsularabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Serbien für den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen.

Relations of Serbia, Austria are on the rise

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic received today outgoing Austrian Ambassador to Serbia Nikolaus Lutterotti on a farewell visit and thanked him on exceptional cooperation during the past four years and the improvement of bilateral relations in all fields.

Brnabic underlined that the relations of Serbia and Austria are on the rise and that she expects this trend to continue, noting that the recent visit of the Austrian Chancellor to Belgrade is a confirmation of that.

That visit was very important for us, Brnabic stated.

The two officials also discussed the current world topics and the continuation of Austrian investments in Serbia.

The Austrian Ambassador said that he is leaving Belgrade enriched with a significant diplomatic experience and many friends, that it was a privilege and pleasure to work in Serbia and that his country’s support has always been entirely honest and that it will remain so.

Brnabic wished Ambassador Lutterotti a lot of success in his new position and said that he is always welcome in Serbia.

Brnabic solemnly welcomes Federal Chancellor of Austria

Today, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic welcomed Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, Karl Nehammer, who is on a one-day official visit to Belgrade.

A solemn reception was prepared for the Austrian Chancellor in front of the Palace of Serbia, with the lined-up Guard of the Serbian Army and the performance of the anthems of the two countries.

After the reception, a tete-a-tete meeting between the Prime Minister and the Chancellor took place, followed by a plenary meeting of the delegations of the government of Serbia and the Federal Government of Austria, after which Brnabic and Nehammer will address the press.

The Federal Chancellor of Austria will also meet with President of the Republic Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade, and will also talk with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Porfirije.

Nehammer has been the chancellor since the beginning of December last year, and this is his first visit to Serbia on that duty.

The Austrian Chancellor pointed out that Serbia is a geostrategically and geopolitically important partner of Austria, and added that at this time it is unprecedented to send the message that the countries of the Western Balkans belong to the European Union and Europe.

He pointed out that Austria sees itself as a bridge and has an interest in accelerating the accession process of the Western Balkans, reiterating that Austria will work on further deepening relations with Serbia and the region.
Austria is also a big investor in Serbia, because this market is very interesting, the chancellor said and said that the two countries would deepen their further bilateral cooperation.

I can proudly say that we have one of the largest diasporas from Serbia in Austria. We are proud of our citizens of Serbian origin, who respect their new homeland, and do not forget the motherland. That connects us, he pointed out.




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